During a period of almost 30 years, the firm has handled more than 1000 inheritance cases. Out of these, more than half have involved cross-border (including Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Serbia, Hungary, Croatia, Israel, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Chile, Brasil, Mexico, China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, Turkey, Irak, Dubai, Egypt, Morocco, South Africa and Zambia) inheritance issues. In approx. 400 cases, the lawyers at Bergquist & Partners Law Firm have been appointed by the court as Estate Administrators.

The EU- Commission has 2005 - 2008 engaged Mr Bergquist as an expert on international Succession Law and 2008 - 2010 as an expert on international Family Property Law.

Mr Bergquist has been a speaker at international seminars on EU's succession law in Brussels, Cambridge, Trier and Bratislava.

At The University of Cambridge Mr Bergquist has been one of the panellists at a Conference discussion addressing "The Unification of International Family Law".

The Swedish Foreign Ministry often recommends Mr Bergquist for international succession issues.

The Court of Stockholm regularily appoints the lawyers at Bergquist & Partners Law Firm as Estate Administrators.

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